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AMT001: Noisewerrrrk – Misanthropy is a virtue

The first release on AMT will be the long delayed „Misanthropy is a virtue“ cd-r by Noisewerrrrk.

4 tunes with a total-running-time of about 30 minutes. Recorded in November 2006. Re-edited, mixed and mastered in August 2007.
All 4 pieces are strictly harshnoise, no vocals, just static, dense and brutal sound.
Take it as an act of nihilism or try to find the deeper truth buried in the noise.

I am currently working on the final touches of the packaging, which will consist of some nice pieces of paper and some inserts.

Release is planned for November 2007.
At this time it is not planned as a limited edition.

Antimoderne Tonträger Distribution

Ok, here’s what I have in stock at the moment:

Educator – Skin (Produck)
As far as I know this is the debut (and final?) c10 by this fine german pe-unit, delivering some incredibly dirty and filthy tunes. Totally lofi, static chaos and vocals buried deep in the mix.
Comes in a regular tape-case with a b/w j-card inlay with raw and minimal artwork.

Noisewerrrrk – Amok
Noisewerrrrk’s latest 3″ cd-r, portraying the three phases of an amok run in a brutal mixture of pe and noise. Structured and static to chaotic and wild. Filthy production and dirty and rugged sound. Comes in a small jewel-case with raw b/w-inlay.

v/a – Doomsday Cake (Medusa Head)
Compiled to celebrate 6/6/06 this cd-r brings you projects like Random Insults, Damno Te, Knife Power, Noisewerrrrk and many more (14 tracks total).
The cd-r is housed in a regular jewel-case which is wrapped in black paper, with a golden sticker on top.

v/a – New World Order (Thonar Records)
Very well compiled double-cd (yeah, pro-pressed cds) compilation ranging from ambient to neofolk to noise/pe.
Some names: SKM-ETR, Institution DOL, Atrox, A Challenge Of Honour, Tonal Y Nagual, Sky Burial, False Mirror, Noisewerrrrk and many more (25 tracks total).
The cds are housed in a beautifully designed 6-panel-digipack.
12 EUR

All prices are without postage.
If you are interested in one or more of the items send a mail to with the items you want to purchase and your name and full postal address.
You will receive a reply with the total amount of money incl. shipping and the instructions on payment (Paypal only).

I am going to get some more stuff in stock to build up a little distribution focussed on pe and noise.
Visit the blog frequently and check the updates of the stocklist.

Antimoderne Tonträger

Welcome to Antimoderne Tonträger, my (Stephan of Noisewerrrrk) new label/distribution/shittalking-tool.

I‘ll use this site to spread information on releases of my label Antimoderne Tonträger, which will release some of the Noisewerrrrk releases and maybe some more shit, I‘ll keep you informed on stuff which I have for sale (allready got some shit through trades but I plan to expand it to a little distribution, focussing on pe and harshnoise) and last but not least I‘ll write down some shit like thoughts on pe, reviews and other pointless stuff nobody cares for.

That’s all for now. Thanks for the attention.