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Distribution Update: 29-11-2007

First update, lots of cool new stuff.

Educator – Skin (Produck)
As far as I know this is the debut (and final?) c10 by this fine german pe-unit, delivering some incredibly dirty and filthy tunes. Totally lofi, static chaos and vocals buried deep in the mix.
Comes in a regular tape-case with a b/w j-card inlay with raw and minimal artwork.

Mourmansk 150 – Total Ground Zero (Cerebro Do Morto)
First release by Portugese Cerebro Do Morto label. The 3″ cd-r comes in a regular sized paper case with perfectly exectuted cut&paste artwork and a b/w insert. Features 6 songs, recorded live 05-05-2007 in Lille, France.

Noisewerrrrk – Amok
Noisewerrrrk’s latest 3″ cd-r, portraying the three phases of an amok run in a brutal mixture of pe and noise. Structured and static to chaotic and wild. Filthy production and dirty and rugged sound. Comes in a small jewel-case with raw b/w-inlay.

Sky Burial – Skinwalker (Existence Establishment)
Fabulous 3″ cd-r of Michael Page’s (FITH) side-project Sky Burial. 20 minutes of intense soundscapes with an outstanding package executed by Existence Establishment. Limited to 49 copies.

Tardive Dyskinesia – Sadistic EP
Re-release of the debut demo on cd-r, originally released as tape/file in 2006. Comes in a nice digipack. 29min of pure noise and power electronics! Limited to 30 copies.

v/a – Blood Ties Document 2006 (Existence Establishment)
Great compilation on Existence Establishment featuring some previously released and some exclusive tracks, all recorded in 2006. The cd-r comes in a beautiful constructed packaging with a b/w insert. Limited to 50 copis.

v/a – Doomsday Cake (Medusa Head)
Compiled to celebrate 6/6/06 this cd-r brings you projects like Random Insults, Damno Te, Knife Power, Noisewerrrrk and many more (14 tracks total).
The cd-r is housed in a regular jewel-case which is wrapped in black paper, with a golden sticker on top.

v/a – New World Order (Thonar Records)
Very well compiled double-cd (yeah, pro-pressed cds) compilation ranging from ambient to neofolk to noise/pe.
Some names: SKM-ETR, Institution DOL, Atrox, A Challenge Of Honour, Tonal Y Nagual, Sky Burial, False Mirror, Noisewerrrrk and many more (25 tracks total).
The cds are housed in a beautifully designed 6-panel-digipack.
12 EUR

All prices are without postage.
If you are interested in one or more of the items send a mail to with the items you want to purchase and your name and full postal address.
You will receive a reply with the total amount of money incl. shipping and the instructions on payment (Paypal only).

Nil By Mouth News – Halthan, Noisewerrrrk and more…

The tape should arive at about end of the week and can also be purchased through Antimoderne Tonträger then.

NBM13TAPE NOISEWERRRRK “Anti-modernist Electronics” C20 Chrome

Art has become a purely commercial item and lost it’s potential for progression. The answer to the degenerated state of culture is traditionalism in it’s most positive sense. Progression is found in our past. „Anti-Modernist Electronics“ takes a look back to move on. 4 tracks of pure European-style power-electronics, featuring the most structured Noisewerrrrk material to date. Spraypainted plastic bag in silver with some black drops and a large gatefold insert.

6 Euro (Europe) – 7 Euro (World)

There is an excerpt of track #2 entitled „Homo homini lupus est“ on the Noisewerrrrk myspace-site: Enjoy!

NBM11CDR HALTHAN “Subliminal Kill CDr

Finnish power electronics with pulsating noises and distorted heavy frequencies. Aural equivalent to destruction-system and structural violence. Special white box with 3 postcards with art-war by Halthan. Let the star burn bright.
11 Euro (Europe) – 12 Euro (World)

NBM12TAPE RAPERIES (LIKE DRAPERIES) “Four Corners” C24 + C22 Chrome

„Although it may seem to be redundant, for morality to exist, it has to actually exist (consider it a reflexive concept). Since morality resides completely within the abstract realm, there is no way of proving whether it exists or not, yet all of us live in a culture where moral values and structures run our day to day lives. The majority, in any shape or form, uses morality as a means of verifying their likes and dislikes, making opinion into an objective quality. Deviance is not an immoral act, but one merely of the minority. This is for those forced into the corners, dunce caps on their heads, plotting their next move. This is for everyone.“
Heavy frequencies, powerful noise attack and painful vocals. Double vinyl case with cover, a large insert with notes and 4 postcards.
9 Euro (Europe) – 11 Euro (World)

NBM14TAPE CRANIOPAGUS “Lithuanian Acceptance” C10 Chrome

Lithuania, my homeland, land of heroes.
Let your sons draw strength from the past.
Let your children follow only the path of virtue,
working for the good
of their native land and for all mankind.
Strange to said but Craniopagus with “Lithuanian Acceptance” show a minimal and abrasive power-electronics mixed with percussions, national anthems and other sound source not conventional for the noise scene. So short, so intense. Normal plastic case with j-card with 6 faces printed front and back and 3 ribbon coloured tapes around the case to create a Lithuania flag.
5 Euro (Europe) – 6 Euro (World)

SHARPWAIST “Girls Night Out” C22
BARRIKAD “Where There Was Fire – We Brought Gasoline” C44
MOURMANSK150 “La guerre, l’anarchie et le chaos” CD[/quote]

News: Another fine Feindesland review

The fine people over there at Feindesland already put up a review on Misanthropy Is A Virtue. You can read it here.

„Noisewerrrrk – Misanthropy is a virtue“ (AmT001) preorder


„Misanthropy is a virtue“ marks the first release on Antimoderne Tonträger. All material has been recorded in late 2006 and completely remixed and remastered in August 2007.


Review: Metek – 31

Metek - 31

My first contact with Metek was through one of his appearances on an online-messageboard and I have to admit that to me his behaviour appeared to be really stupid.

Anyway, I got one of his releases, named „31“ and releases by Kiddieriot Records and I’ll gave it an unbiased chance to prove the quality of Metek’s music. Though the person behind it might be uncompatbile with what I call a smart person.