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Review: MX Nihil – Psycho Killer

MX Nihil - Psycho Killer

Whoa!!! Holy shit! „Aches come and go“ is probably one of my favourite tracks of 2007. Total fucked up, distorted, heavy sounds. But let’s start at the beginning.


Review: Halthan – Subliminal Kill

Halthan - Subliminal Kill

I am a big fan of Halthan’s work, so I was really looking forward to the release of „Subliminal Kill“. To make it even better, the disc is releases on Italy’s Nil By Mouth, a label that I highly appreciate fort he quality of the releases and the passion that can be found in the presentation.


Review: Zenta Sustained – Rooftop Snipers

Zenta Sustained - Rooftop Sniper

Sam McKinsay’s (The Rita) „other“ project Zenta Sustained teams up with Life Is Easy Recordings (run by Anthony Shaw of Albert Fish Is My Hero and A Machine Called Orgasm) to release „Rooftop Snipers“.


Review: Mourmansk 150 – Total Ground Zero

Mourmansk 150 - Total Ground Zero

This 3“ cd-r marks the first release on Portugal’s Cerebro Di Morto label and it is quite an impressive debut.


Review: False Mirror – North

False Mirror - North

False Mirror aka Tobias Hornberger provided one of my favourite tracks on Thonar Record’s highly appreciated compilation „New World Order“ so expectations were high for „North“, the latest full-length release of this prolific project.