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Distribution: Noisewerrrrk – Prekariat

Out now on Silken Tofu (

Noisewerrrrk - Prekariat

Availabe through Antimoderne Tonträger. Orders are accepted.
7,50 EUR ppd (domestic shipping)
9 EUR ppd (international shipping)
Paypal only (

EDIT: There is an excerpt of track #3 („Maßnahmen zur Begrenzung der Reproduktion des asozialen Millieus“) is now ready to be listened to on

General News: Marco Corbelli tribute compilation

Ok, this is a repost of a repost on Chondritic Sounds, nevertheless the work put into this project and the outcome is excellent so I decided to put some propaganda for it up here.

The Compilation “ A tribute to Marco Corbelli “ is finally ON LINE !
Thank you very much for you participation and your patience.

I really want to apologize myself for this huge delay but I‘m currently have a bunch of problems …
but I‘m not here to talk about all this shit … it’s just to say THANKS once more and :
If I made a mistake or if you want to add something on the tribute page, just let me know …

I also put a radio dedicate to Marco on line : and a „my space page“ :

I‘m still working on the retrospective website …

That’s all for today. All the best.