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What is this blog about

The Antimoderne Tonträger blog serves to perform three tasks:

  • be a news- and distribution-tool for Noisewerrrrk releases. You can get more information on the project’s myspace-site
  • be a news- and distribution-tool for the Antimoderne Tonträger distribution and label. You can browse the catalog-page here
  • help to spread news, features and reviews that are connected to the power-electronics/harshnoise-genre. If you want your release reviewed here send a mail to and you will receive instructions where to send your stuff. Please limit the inquiries to power-electronics/harshnoise releases.

Noisewerrrrk/AMT interview

Thanks to Gabriel of Terasillon for aksing me some questions. If you are interested in what I have to say and you are able to read French hit the link:

Labelfeature: Existence Establishment (US)

Ok, here’s #2 of the ongoing series of articles on noteworthy record-labels active in the current power-electronics/noise-scene. This time it is Existence Establishment’s Egan Budd talking.


Review: Slogun – Every Mistake A Little Deeper
Wanted & Missed

Slogun - Every Mistake A Little Deeper

NY’s very own Slogun released a couple of bizcard-cdrs throught out the last few months. Each of the little comes in luxurious packaging, ranging from small envelopes over a petri-dish to a camo-wallet. In addition countless inserts can be found in each of the packages. There are pins, razors, a condom, flyers, small photographs, stamps and much much more. The amount of work that flew into the packaging alone must have been enormous.


Review: Ur – Baptism & Birthday
Triadic Memories

Ur - Baptism & Birthday

Italy seems to be quite active when it comes to alternative as of lately. I know of lots of new metal bands and there is a lot of buzz in the noise/power-electronics/industrial genre too (at least so it seems). One of the new (ok, there have been around for some years but kept quite a low profile) mediterranean projects is UR, which sent me their current efforts „Baptism & Birthday“ and „Triadic Memories“.