Review: Slogun – Every Mistake A Little Deeper
Wanted & Missed

Slogun - Every Mistake A Little Deeper

NY’s very own Slogun released a couple of bizcard-cdrs throught out the last few months. Each of the little comes in luxurious packaging, ranging from small envelopes over a petri-dish to a camo-wallet. In addition countless inserts can be found in each of the packages. There are pins, razors, a condom, flyers, small photographs, stamps and much much more. The amount of work that flew into the packaging alone must have been enormous.

Check the photos here in the blog to get a slight impression but let me asure you that the releases look way more impressive in reality.

Musicwise each of the bizcard-cd-r’s features two songs with about 2:30 minutes each.

„Every Mistake A Little Deeper“ is kicked off by „Bury yourself“, starting with a female vocal sample of nasty nature until the wall of noise kicks in and Jons vocals cut through the inferno, sitting completely on top. The second song of the disc „Gutter Lane“ has a quite calm noise going on in the background but furious vocals on top, making heavy use of delay/echo-effects.

Slogun - Nineteensixtynine

„Nineteensixtynine“ starts with „Close by“. A noisy loop can be heard and then the inferno kicks in. Sounding like screams and mourns of torture, the maniacal trademark vocals of Jon sitting on top. One of my favourite Slogun songs for sure. The other song is entitled „Wasted“. The noise is quite complex here with different layers of sound, which get slashed by the furious and super aggressive yet very articulated vocal delivery.

Slogun - Wanted And Missed

„Wanted“ starts off „Wanted & Missed“. Rumbling synth frequencies build a quite dark foundation, vocals on top with quite excessive use of delay- and echo-effects, but very clear and super articulated. „Missed“ is a violent noise-inferno again, raising the aggression-level. Again a more complex noise-pattern in the background.

Sure, one might say that Slogun’s sound gets repetitive. But if you dig a little deeper it becomes obvious that there is a lot of progression in the details. The mix and sound is super clear and you can clearly hear every bit of detail. The vocal delivery is extremely articulated but still super aggressive. The lyrics sound authentic and very well written. If he continues this path on the upcoming full-length there is a monster of an album coming up.