Review: Ur – Baptism & Birthday
Triadic Memories

Ur - Baptism & Birthday

Italy seems to be quite active when it comes to alternative as of lately. I know of lots of new metal bands and there is a lot of buzz in the noise/power-electronics/industrial genre too (at least so it seems). One of the new (ok, there have been around for some years but kept quite a low profile) mediterranean projects is UR, which sent me their current efforts „Baptism & Birthday“ and „Triadic Memories“.

The sound on both of the disc is quite similar, consisting of distant, allmost ambient sounds and rumbles, some bleeps and blips, noise loops, (unprocessed) chanting vocals and some feature instruments (like a harmonium). The overall sound is quite relaxed and ambient, there little to no distortion or aggressive sound. The music does not make you feel uncomfortable or builds too much tension but creates a nice and dense atmosphere without being bright or particularly happy. Maybe the organic origin of most of the sounds is the key.

Ur - Triadic Memories

There are neither vocals nor notes on the inserts and the tracks are either untitled („Baptism & Birthday“) or bear the cryptic name of „Momentum“ („Triadic Memories“). The track „I“ of „Baptism & Birthday“ is revived as „Momentum I“ on „Triadic Memories“.

The production of both discs is very clear and precise. The sound is very dynamic, no excessive use of limiters or compressors. You can clearly make out the sounds in the stereo-picture. Very well done, it fits the material perfectly.

Both discs come in a poly-sleeve with very nice designed covers. „Baptism & Birthday“, which is limited to 50 copies, sports some very nice paper for cover and insert with a beautiful texture. Nice.

You can contact the band through their myspace-site: