Review: v/a – Strangers In The Night

Various - Strangers In The Night

The announcement of this release is one of the first things I remember to read when I began to research the realms of power-electronics a little deeper. Unfortunately Disco Nihil ceased soon after the release of this nice little compilation, but there is a new project/label in the making.

„Strangers In The Night“ comes on a c10 with a b/w-jcard in a clear case. The tape wears no notes or marks.

First up is Lowlife „She didn‘t like it, I don‘t care“, very kinky and dirty stuff. Slaughter At Random puts out some really lo-fi modulated sine-waves with some muddy low-end and a female vocal sample. „Take it“ by Bullfinch is another super low-fi track, very dark atmosphere with some static hums. Dirty!!! Pleasure Fluids put out a more clean track. „Blood On Leather“ features some nice and articulated feedbacks and some crunchy textures in the background. Last on side A is Sudan Strain’s „Sideshow“. High and screeching frequencies that somehow seem to crawl out of the speakers and stand right in front of you. A very nice effect.

Terg is the opener on the b-side, raw and gritty power-electronics. A great track! Albert Fish Is My Hero is one of my favourite projects and „Rage And Rejection“ definitely is a strong track by this project. Brutal and massive walls of distortion with some unidentifiable stuff going on in the background. Mutant Ape brings up some nice noise-track with a lot of delay and reverb. Scordatura’s „Eyefucksocket“ is probably my favourite track of the compilation. Sounds totally perverted, very brutal and the choice and variety of sounds is great. Very sick atmopshere. The closing „Sektor-Reflektor“ by Plastic Voodoo brings some nice, structured and more clean power-electronics to the end of the compilation.

The overall sound of the tape is a little muddy, but I have to admit that what may sound like a flaw to me only adds to the atmosphere. And all songs manage to create a really dense and dark atmosphere, it is obvious that there are some bad things are going on.

After all, „Strangers In The Night“ is a great compilation. The line-up is very good, all tracks are on a very high quality level, there is a nice range of variety in sound and the only downpoint is, that the running time is way too short.