Review: Burial Hex/Skin Graft – Splittape

Burial Hex/Skin Graft

A C32 on Cult Cassettes, one side by Burial Hex, the other one by Skin Graft.

The BH side features a quite, ambient construction of tectonic rumblings. Very deep crunches, sounding very calm but powerful at the same time. During it’s 15:40 minutes of playtime it incorporates some more energetic noises (starting at about 7 minutes) but the overall sound is very dark and calm, in no way harsh. A comparison to the great Hum Of The Druid might give an idea of the quality of the track and I have to point out that there is a strange kind of beauty in the disant rumbling noises and drones. Outstanding. Use headphones and close your eyes for full listening experience.

SkinGraft starts the composition with a strange and a little dull sounding loop which gets company by some low-end-heavy feedbacks and rumblings. The sound is super saturated and filthy and the bass-end of the recordings is really really heavy. In it’s almost 15 minutes of playtime „City-State“ incorporates some more sampled loops by vocals, metallic sounding feedbacks, pulses and tape manipulations and alltogether creates a nice oldschool-feeling. Not that harsh, but def. noisy, dirty and raw.

The tape comes in a regular, clear case with a b/w xeroxed j-card which funily consists of two parts. One for the small backside of the case and one for the cover. I do not know if it was done on purpose that way, but nevertheless the edges of the two layers of paper form a nice effect on the frontcover. The tape itself is black with the names of the projects written on it by hand.

The Burial Hex Track really kills it. The sounds, the the composition, the atmopshere – it’s all there and it fits perfectly. Though not really a bad track, the Skin Graft side cannot keep the level and overall it’s a more mediocre song (which is a surprise to me as the demo-tape released some time ago is real premium stuff). Looks like the tape is sold out already (at least it is not listed on anymore) but if you can get a copy you should go for it. “Selenite” is really worth it.