Review: An Innocent Young Throatcutter/Non Ho Sonno – Split

AIYTC/NHS splittape

Giallo and Wallnoise – you cannot beat this combination. I do not know why it is this way, but somehow Italian slasher-flicks and massive harshnoise fit together perfectly and send chills down my spine. Up here is a C20 with one side recorded by An Innocent Young Throatcutter, while the other side features Non Ho Sonno.

An Innocent Young Throatcutter seems to be another sideproject to the hyperactive Richard Ramirez. „Crimewave“ clocks in at about 8:30 minutes and consists of blasts of pure distortion with a pulsating low-end texture. And the low-end is what makes this track so brillant to me, as the pulsating sound creates the impression of waves, which corresponds to the track title very well. Very well constructed and with a clean and transparent, but still filthy sound.

Non Ho Sonno, named after the neo-giallo by the master of the genre, Dario Argento, has a different approach. The sound is way darker and rawer, has more crunch in the lower mids and nice textures of hectic, pulsating synths in the background, which somehow work as a foundation for the track. „I am going to stain your dress with your blood“ clocks in at about 8:40.

Both tracks are wonderful examples of HNW, both are of superior quality and they show that even when there are only two bands you can find a lot of facettes in the narrow borders of the HNW genre.

The tape comes in a clear case with a full-color j-card, showing a nice, concept-oriented cover. The price is really fair, so be quick to place your order.