Review: A View From Nihil – Wall Against The Modern World

A View From Nihil - Wall Against The Modern World

What grabbed my attention for this release was the sweet sounding title with it’s reference to the writings of Mr. Julius E. And if you think about it a little more it even makes sense: The wall, with it’s meditative abilities and it’s room for reflection might be a step out of this modern world. So let’s see what the disc brings us.

The relese comes in a slim dvd-case with a b/w-cover. The front shows a chaos-cross, on the back there is a passage of writing by Julius E. In the case you find a spraypainted (also a chaos-cross) cd-r which houses a 42:42 minute monolith of a wall.

It immediately sets in after hitting play, no fade in or stuff like that. Looking at the wall I‘d divide it into two major parts. There is a really deep, rumbling sound in the background. Maybe a lowshelf-filter or something, it is really deep and somehow distant sounding. On top sits a very nice texture of crunchy and crackling distortion, really heavy on the mids and somehow crystal-clear.

There is allmost no change during the whole track. If there are changes they have to be really subtle and one might not even recognize them as such. Towards the end the texture shifts, it collapses and ends in a fluttering, then drone-ish sound. By this minimal amount of change and it’s extensive running-time the wall develops a meditative amtosphere, you can drown in the sound and float in it and at some point your mind will start playing tricks on you and makes you see patterns and sounds which are not there. I recommend listening on headphones on a moderate volume-level with eyes closed for full-listening-experience.

The wall on this disc is definitely one of my current favourites. The crunchy texture makes use of frequencies which make it really a comfortable listen to me and since it is so massive and extensive it helps to clear your mind and creates an impression of silence. I think this release is not limited, nevertheless you should not waste any time and order the disc or offer some interesting stuff for a trade.