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If you are interested in one or more of the items send a mail to amt@noisewerrrrk.de with the items you want to purchase and your name and full postal address.

You will receive a reply with the total amount of money incl. shipping and the instructions on payment (Paypal only).


Chaos As Shelter – Dawn Syndrome (Topheth Prophet)
Nine ambient tracks with a guest appearance of Vera Agnivolok. Comes on a pro-pressed cd in a very nice designed cardboard-digipack.
12 EUR

Dead Body Love – Maximum Dose (RRR Records)
Three songs of massive feedback and maximum violence. The cd-r comes in a poly-sleeve with a photocopied insert.

NEW Der Antirüpel – Recht Auf Stille (Antimoderne Tonträger)
Second release on Antimoderne Tonträger. Two tracks by militant wall-riders Der Antirüpel. The C20 comes with some handmade-packaging and b/w j-card. Limited to 18 copies.
4,50 EUR

Fire In The Head – You Too Shall Burn (Nil By Mouth)
3″ cd-r by Michael Pages power-electronics outfit Fire In The Head. Packaged in an oversized poly sleeve with full color cover and insert. The disc itself has a full color print on top and a blue recorded side.

Kadaver – This time it’s cancer (Topheth Prophet)
8 tracks of harsh, skreeching and screaming noise. Originally supposed to be released on Slaughter Productions, but due to Marco Corbelli’s suicide it was switched to Topheth Propheth. Comes on a pro-pressed cd in a regular case with.
10 EUR

Megaptera – Staring back at you (Malignant Records)
Pro pressed cd, housed in a luxurious digipack. The masters of the bleakest and most inhuman death-industrial.
12 EUR

Mourmansk 150 – Total Ground Zero (Cerebro Do Morto)
First release by Portugese Cerebro Do Morto label. The 3″ cd-r comes in a regular sized paper case with perfectly exectuted cut&paste artwork and a b/w insert. Features 6 songs, recorded live 05-05-2007 in Lille, France.

NEW MX Nihil – No Fun, No Love, No Life (Produck)
Lathe-cut cd-r with two tracks on the cd side and one on the lathe-side. Harsh, allmost wall-like material.

NEW :NRRRRK: – Bless The Children (Turgid Animal UK)
The first release under the new banner of :NRRRRK:, typical Noisewerrrrk-style, filthy and raw power-electronics. The 7″ comes with a b/w pro-printed cover.

Noisewerrrrk – Anti-Modernist-Electronics (Nil By Mouth)
4 track tape-release of pure European-style power-electronics, featuring the most structured Noisewerrrrk material to date. Spraypainted plastic bag in silver with some black drops and a large gatefold insert.

Noisewerrrrk – Misanthropy Is A Virtue (Antimoderne Tonträger)
4 songs of pure harshnoise, wall-like sound. No vocals this time. It comes in a handmade 2-layer card-box with b/w artwork and a b/w photocopied insert. The cd-r has a white face and a black recording side.

Noisewerrrrk – Prekariat (Silken Tofu)
3″ cd-r release of pure euro-style power-electronics. Comes in the usual Silken Tofu mini-dvd case, full color cover.

Terg – Bitter (Disco Nihil)
Released by Disco Nihil some years ago, comes with b/w-jcard-insert.

UR – Birth & Baptism
CD-R comes in a polysleeve with a very well layouted, color insert and cover. Very nice oldschool industrial material.

Velvet Narcosis – Surgery By SD (Silken Tofu)
Packed 3″ cd-r with full-spectrum harshnoise. Comes in a mini dvd-style case with a color cover. The face of the cd-r is printed, the recording side is black.

v/a – Doomsday Cake (Medusa Head)
Compiled to celebrate 6/6/06 this cd-r brings you projects like Random Insults, Damno Te, Knife Power, Noisewerrrrk and many more (14 tracks total).
The cd-r is housed in a regular jewel-case which is wrapped in black paper, with a golden sticker on top.

v/a – New World Order (Thonar Records)
Very well compiled double-cd (yeah, pro-pressed cds) compilation ranging from ambient to neofolk to noise/pe.
Some names: SKM-ETR, Institution DOL, Atrox, A Challenge Of Honour, Tonal Y Nagual, Sky Burial, False Mirror, Noisewerrrrk and many more (25 tracks total).
The cds are housed in a beautifully designed 6-panel-digipack.
12 EUR

v/a – Strangers In The Night (Disco Nihil)
Interesting compilation by Disco Nihil, released in 2006. Comes on a C10 with a b/w-jcard-insert. Featuring tracks by Lowlife, Slaughter At Random, Bullfinch, Pleasure Fluids, Sudanstrain, Terg, Albert Fish Is My Hero, Mutant Ape, Scordatura and Plastic Vodoo.