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What is this blog about

The Antimoderne Tonträger blog serves to perform three tasks:

  • be a news- and distribution-tool for Noisewerrrrk releases. You can get more information on the project’s myspace-site
  • be a news- and distribution-tool for the Antimoderne Tonträger distribution and label. You can browse the catalog-page here
  • help to spread news, features and reviews that are connected to the power-electronics/harshnoise-genre. If you want your release reviewed here send a mail to and you will receive instructions where to send your stuff. Please limit the inquiries to power-electronics/harshnoise releases.

Review of „Der Antirüpel – Recht Auf Stille“

There is a pretty nice review of „Der Antirüpel – Recht Auf Stille“ to be found here:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=155&cntnt01returnid=54

There are some copies left. Place your order via e-mail to

Out now on Corrosive Art Records

Though it is none of my projects release I‘d like to inform you about the following release on Corrosive Art Records:

Bleak Existence on Corrosive Art

I have few copies of it in stock.
7,00 EUR ppd. for domestic orders, 7,50 EUR ppd. for International orders.
You can place your order via email:

Happy birthday

Just a little happy birthday to myself. One year of „Antimoderne Tonträger“, time flies.

Out now: :NRRRRK: – Bless the children 7″

BTC Flyer

A low-quality mp3-file can be found here:

5 EUR plus shipping.

As there have been questions regarding the artwork, here is a photo of the release:

BTC Photo