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Out now: Der Antirüpel – Recht auf Stille (AmT 002)

Der Antirüpel – Recht auf Stille (Amt 002)

Der Antirüpel - Recht auf Stille

A C20 featuring two massive pieces of pure Wallnoise, put together by German wallriders „Der Antirüpel“.
Inspired by Theodor Lessing (1872-1933) and his work in the German chapter of the „Society for the Suppression of Unnecessary Noise“.
Everybody has the right to live in silence and what is a better embodiment of silence than drowning in monolithic and static noise?

You can download a 2-minute-fragment of track #1 by clicking on the following link:

The tape comes with in handmade packaging and with a b/w j-card.
Limited to 18 copies.
Price is 4,50 EUR/copy plus postage.
Trades may be considered.

You can order the tape via e-mail to:

„Misanthropy is a virtue“ preorder is over

Large batch of preorders and trades has been sent today.

Preorder phase is over, from now on the disc is 6 EUR plus shipping. Available from Antimoderne Tonträger ( ) and copies are on the way to these fine distributors:

Freak Animal Finland ( )
Tropheth Prophet ( )
Silken Tofu ( )
RRR ( )
Malignant ( )

Thanks to everyone who placed a preorder or traded stuff.

„Noisewerrrrk – Misanthropy is a virtue“ (AmT001) preorder


„Misanthropy is a virtue“ marks the first release on Antimoderne Tonträger. All material has been recorded in late 2006 and completely remixed and remastered in August 2007.


AMT001: Noisewerrrrk – Misanthropy is a virtue

The first release on AMT will be the long delayed „Misanthropy is a virtue“ cd-r by Noisewerrrrk.

4 tunes with a total-running-time of about 30 minutes. Recorded in November 2006. Re-edited, mixed and mastered in August 2007.
All 4 pieces are strictly harshnoise, no vocals, just static, dense and brutal sound.
Take it as an act of nihilism or try to find the deeper truth buried in the noise.

I am currently working on the final touches of the packaging, which will consist of some nice pieces of paper and some inserts.

Release is planned for November 2007.
At this time it is not planned as a limited edition.