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Review: Green Army Fraction – Airyanem Vaejah

Green Army Fraction - Airyanem...

Green Army Fraction, well known for his premium euro-style power-electronics, discovers new territory on this neat C30.


Review: Regosphere/Werewolf Jerusalem – Split

Werewolf Jerusalem/Regosphere - Split

And another release on Dumpsterscore. This time it’s a split-release between Werewolf Jerusalem (another offspring of the hyperactive Richard Ramirez) and Andy Dumpsterscore’s own project Regosphere.


Review: Regosphere – Nature knows

Regosphere - ...Nature Knows

„Nature knows“ is a neat little bizcard-cd-r by Regosphere, released on Dumpsterscore, which is, I think, run by the man behind the project himself.


Review: Concrete Threat – The Pine Grove Killings (2nd edition)

Concrete Threat - The Pine Grove Killings

Up here we have a reiusse of 2007 „The Pine Grove Killings“ album by Swedens prolific wallnoise-duo Concrete Threat. In 2007 the disc has been released in a limited run of only 10 copies. But as the liner notes tell us there has been some (technical) difficulties with the dvd-r (first run was on dvd-r, this time it is a cd-r) so the idea of a re-release was born, limited to 15 copies this time. And lucky me I got one of it.


Review: A View From Nihil – Wall Against The Modern World

A View From Nihil - Wall Against The Modern World

What grabbed my attention for this release was the sweet sounding title with it’s reference to the writings of Mr. Julius E. And if you think about it a little more it even makes sense: The wall, with it’s meditative abilities and it’s room for reflection might be a step out of this modern world. So let’s see what the disc brings us.