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Review: An Innocent Young Throatcutter/Non Ho Sonno – Split

AIYTC/NHS splittape

Giallo and Wallnoise – you cannot beat this combination. I do not know why it is this way, but somehow Italian slasher-flicks and massive harshnoise fit together perfectly and send chills down my spine. Up here is a C20 with one side recorded by An Innocent Young Throatcutter, while the other side features Non Ho Sonno.


Review: Burial Hex/Skin Graft – Splittape

Burial Hex/Skin Graft

A C32 on Cult Cassettes, one side by Burial Hex, the other one by Skin Graft.


Review: Richard Ramirez – Crawl In Blackness

Richard Ramirez - Crawl In Blackness

Corrosive Art Records comes around the corner with another nice little bizcard, this time by harshnoise legen Richard Ramirez.


Review: v/a – Strangers In The Night

Various - Strangers In The Night

The announcement of this release is one of the first things I remember to read when I began to research the realms of power-electronics a little deeper. Unfortunately Disco Nihil ceased soon after the release of this nice little compilation, but there is a new project/label in the making.


Review: Halthan – Poetic Jusctice

Halthan - Poetic Justice

Another fine bizcard-cdr by Corrosive Art Records, this time featuring one of Europe’s most powerful power-electronics units: Halthan.