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Review of „Der Antirüpel – Recht Auf Stille“ Wed, 01 Apr 2009 16:43:01 +0000 amt General news There is a pretty nice review of „Der Antirüpel – Recht Auf Stille“ to be found here:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=155&cntnt01returnid=54

There are some copies left. Place your order via e-mail to

Out now on Corrosive Art Records Wed, 03 Dec 2008 18:00:20 +0000 amt Distribution General news Though it is none of my projects release I‘d like to inform you about the following release on Corrosive Art Records:

Bleak Existence on Corrosive Art

I have few copies of it in stock.
7,00 EUR ppd. for domestic orders, 7,50 EUR ppd. for International orders.
You can place your order via email:

Review: Green Army Fraction – Airyanem Vaejah Sat, 29 Nov 2008 23:15:22 +0000 amt Rants & Reviews Green Army Fraction - Airyanem...

Green Army Fraction, well known for his premium euro-style power-electronics, discovers new territory on this neat C30.

The a-side houses one single track, clocking in at 14:33. „Ahura Mazda I“ is constructed of distorted, but not very harsh, noises in the background with ambient-style keyboard-layers on top. The rumbling foundation has a nice, fucked up lo-fi sound and makes use of some heavy bass-frequencies and rumblings, with some more mid-oriented distortion-textures popping-up occasionally. On the top of the noise there are calm and crystal-clear synth-layers, with an almost bell-like sound at times, creating a very ambient-like atmosphere. The contrast between back- and foreground works out fine. No vocals on this track.

The b-side starts with the title track. Classic power-electronics, just what you expected of GAF. Noisy pulsating textures, screeching feedback and aggressive and shouted vocals, processed with some reverb and/or delays. Next is „Ahura Mazda II“, which is centered around a chanting choir that gets accompanied by a chaotic rumbling texture of bass-heavy noises, which almost drowns the choir completely. Again, a lengthy track with 10:30 minutes running time.

The tape comes with a full-color inlay with some nice and atmospheric artwork. There are no printed lyrics included or any other information on the concept, but an internet-search showed that „Ahura Mazda“ is the one god in Zoroastrianism and he is found on Persian, Armenian and Georgian language. The concept of „Airyanem Vaejah“ deals with the expansion of Zoroastrian territory and is considered to be the perfect land. When I read about it it somehow reminded me of the concept of eternal winter and thule.

Anyway, the music on this release is done very well. Though it may not be the typical GAF-sound the three songs are very strong and it will be interesting to follow the future development of the project to see which direction it is going to take.

Review: Regosphere/Werewolf Jerusalem – Split Thu, 13 Nov 2008 17:00:45 +0000 amt Rants & Reviews Werewolf Jerusalem/Regosphere - Split

And another release on Dumpsterscore. This time it’s a split-release between Werewolf Jerusalem (another offspring of the hyperactive Richard Ramirez) and Andy Dumpsterscore’s own project Regosphere.

The disc kicks off with a 18:46 minute harshnoise-wall by Werewolf Jerusalem entitled „Night Of The Skull“. Sounds like another reference to horror-movies or stories, but there is no more information given on the concept of the tracks. The wall is really heavy on the crunchy lower mids. Not that much going on in the super-low-frequencies, but the overall-sound is saturated very well and gives a nice warm feeling. The subtle use of higher frequencies adds to that impression. There are some nice crackling textures going on, but most of the time the wall is extremely static and non-evolving. Instead of collapsing the wall fades out nicely.

Next up are two tracks be Regosphere, clocking in at 6:33 and 8:50. Only knowing the „Nature knows“ bizcard cd-r (which is think is exellent) I am quite curious to hear some more material by this promising project. „Empty promise“ centers around a high-pitched, modulated synth-sound, which is accompanied by some very distant mid-freuency drones and some more high-frequency synth-sounds. The track has a somehow calm and dreamy sound, but there is a feeling of tension which is present during the whole 6:33. I waited for noise-hell to break loose at any time, but instead I was given some fine constructed and layered synth-sounds without any harshness at all. Interesting. And then, at about 5:10 the sounds fade out, there is a moment of silence until some distant and calm drones creep in, creating an ambient-feeling that I‘d like to compare to some of Michael Page’s Sky Burial material.

The second track is called „Initiation“ and it is the complete opposite of „Emtpy promise“. Harsh, powerful, aggressive. Again a lot of synth-sounds are use. There is a ryhtmical-pattern of deep and distorted synth blast, combined with some high-pitched shrieks. The vocals are completely gutted, super distorted and super aggressive. Due to the rythm of the synth the track is slow-paced, but because of the harsh distortion-textures and the hectical high-frequencies (sounding like an theremin) the aggression-level is very very high. The concept is more similar to the mentioned bizcard cd-r, the sound however is more clean and digital here, while the bizcard had a somehow more analogue and warm sound. For my personal taste the track is a little too long. Boiled down to 4 minutes and focused on the core-motives.

The release comes in a slipcase with a b/w-cover printed on heavy paper. Inside one finds the cd-r and two inserts, consisting of two one-sided prints each, done on heavy paper and glued together. The prints have a somewhat pop-aesthetic and form a nice contrast to the merciless harshness of most of the material.

Review: Regosphere – Nature knows Thu, 13 Nov 2008 16:58:27 +0000 amt Rants & Reviews Regosphere - ...Nature Knows

„Nature knows“ is a neat little bizcard-cd-r by Regosphere, released on Dumpsterscore, which is, I think, run by the man behind the project himself.

The release comes in a small case with a b/w-xeroxed insert. One side shows a grainy photograph of some river, the backside has the name of the project and the title of the release handwritten.

The disc itself houses a single 3:48 mintue track entitled „Nature knows…“. However, it is allmost two tracks as at 1:59 there is a short break after which the track continues but the sounds have shifted a little.

The track starts with a great sound of pulsating, throbbing, distorted synth-pulses which form a rythmic pattern. On top are heavily processed vocals which have a decent amount of distortion- and flanger-sounds. They somehow remind me of the typical Steel Hook Prostheses vocalsound, though the overall sounds of both projects have not much im common.

After the short break the synth pulses continue as do the vocals, but the pattern has shifted. So it is not really like another track but there is some sort of difference to the first fragment of the track and switching from the first to the second fragment is rather abrupt.

The overall feel of the track is highly energetic and quite aggressive. It is hard to label it as harshnoise or sort it in the power-electronics box. Soundwise I‘d say it is pe, but in terms of concept and presentation I‘d put it into the harshnoise-corner. Anyway, more important is the quality of the material and the quality level of the release is really really high. Been listening to it quite a lot since I got the disc and the material still grows on me.

Review: Concrete Threat – The Pine Grove Killings (2nd edition) Thu, 13 Nov 2008 16:54:44 +0000 amt Rants & Reviews Concrete Threat - The Pine Grove Killings

Up here we have a reiusse of 2007 „The Pine Grove Killings“ album by Swedens prolific wallnoise-duo Concrete Threat. In 2007 the disc has been released in a limited run of only 10 copies. But as the liner notes tell us there has been some (technical) difficulties with the dvd-r (first run was on dvd-r, this time it is a cd-r) so the idea of a re-release was born, limited to 15 copies this time. And lucky me I got one of it.

„The Pine Grove Killings – 2nd edition“ comes in a regular cd-case with a full-colour front- and backcover. Inside you find the cd-r with a white-label glued on top. Each copy of the release is handnumbered. I tried to research the background of the title, but I did not find any hint on „Pine Grove Killings“. If anybody knows about the concept (if there is one) feel free to e-mail me or use the comment-function at the bottom of the page.

I have to admit that I had some problems to play the cd-r. I put it in my iMac and the disc started to spin, however, when I pressed play it did not start to play. I tried it in my second iMac and had the same problem. However, the MacPro at the office played the disc. I guess what caused the problem was the heavy quality of the label on the cd-r and the vertical-mounted slot-in-drives on the iMac’s.

But let’s switch to the important thing which is the music. The disc houses a 40-minute piece of militant wallnoise. Based on a foundation of calm, rolling-type of deep-frequency rumbles the wall consists of an active, hectic texture of sizzling and buzzing mids and high-end-frequencies. The overall-feel of the wall is super active and energetic, which is a nice counterpoise to it’s monolithic and somehow monotonous structure.

After about 10 minutes of steady flow a new sounds gets occasionally integrated into the wall. It is a grinding sound of feedback stabbing through, which is thrown into the mix from time to time. About 6 minutes later another sound is introduced, this time more scraping, but again it is not used as a constant texture but more as stabs of sound ripping through the wall. Towards the end of the piece the wall collapses nicely into buzzing sounds.

„The Pine Grove Killings“ is a carefully constructed piece of wallnoise and perfectly executed. Though it is of quite an extensive runningtime the tension level is constantly high as is the power-level.

Review: A View From Nihil – Wall Against The Modern World Thu, 13 Nov 2008 16:52:11 +0000 amt Rants & Reviews A View From Nihil - Wall Against The Modern World

What grabbed my attention for this release was the sweet sounding title with it’s reference to the writings of Mr. Julius E. And if you think about it a little more it even makes sense: The wall, with it’s meditative abilities and it’s room for reflection might be a step out of this modern world. So let’s see what the disc brings us.

The relese comes in a slim dvd-case with a b/w-cover. The front shows a chaos-cross, on the back there is a passage of writing by Julius E. In the case you find a spraypainted (also a chaos-cross) cd-r which houses a 42:42 minute monolith of a wall.

It immediately sets in after hitting play, no fade in or stuff like that. Looking at the wall I‘d divide it into two major parts. There is a really deep, rumbling sound in the background. Maybe a lowshelf-filter or something, it is really deep and somehow distant sounding. On top sits a very nice texture of crunchy and crackling distortion, really heavy on the mids and somehow crystal-clear.

There is allmost no change during the whole track. If there are changes they have to be really subtle and one might not even recognize them as such. Towards the end the texture shifts, it collapses and ends in a fluttering, then drone-ish sound. By this minimal amount of change and it’s extensive running-time the wall develops a meditative amtosphere, you can drown in the sound and float in it and at some point your mind will start playing tricks on you and makes you see patterns and sounds which are not there. I recommend listening on headphones on a moderate volume-level with eyes closed for full-listening-experience.

The wall on this disc is definitely one of my current favourites. The crunchy texture makes use of frequencies which make it really a comfortable listen to me and since it is so massive and extensive it helps to clear your mind and creates an impression of silence. I think this release is not limited, nevertheless you should not waste any time and order the disc or offer some interesting stuff for a trade.

Happy birthday Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:13:58 +0000 amt General news Just a little happy birthday to myself. One year of „Antimoderne Tonträger“, time flies.

Out now: Der Antirüpel – Recht auf Stille (AmT 002) Mon, 27 Oct 2008 17:04:01 +0000 amt Label Distribution Der Antirüpel – Recht auf Stille (Amt 002)

Der Antirüpel - Recht auf Stille

A C20 featuring two massive pieces of pure Wallnoise, put together by German wallriders „Der Antirüpel“.
Inspired by Theodor Lessing (1872-1933) and his work in the German chapter of the „Society for the Suppression of Unnecessary Noise“.
Everybody has the right to live in silence and what is a better embodiment of silence than drowning in monolithic and static noise?

You can download a 2-minute-fragment of track #1 by clicking on the following link:

The tape comes with in handmade packaging and with a b/w j-card.
Limited to 18 copies.
Price is 4,50 EUR/copy plus postage.
Trades may be considered.

You can order the tape via e-mail to: